Tama Microcurrent

Noninvasive Facial Rejuvenation

TAMA BlueOnyx Microcurrent technology reports to aid in reducing the signs of aging by utilizing a low level of electricity known as Microcurrent.

These tiny microcurrent impulses trigger chemical reactions at a cellular level to enhance the production of natural collagen and elastin, provide circulatory benefits and work directly on the nerves and muscle fibers.

  There are over 32 muscles in the face and Microcurrent can be used to stimulate those muscles.

There is no muscle contraction. The muscle is woken up, and the current reminds it where it used to be and muscle memory is reactivated.

Used over time, the muscles are re-educated to resume their place for a perky and plumper look.

TAMA BlueOnyx four MetaWave™ can be used either separately or in combination offering a wide range of customized treatments for each skin type for the whole face or specific areas:

FOREHEAD  (Relax lines and reduce stress from frequent expression)

EXPRESSION LINES  (Reestablish balance in every facial zone)

CROWS FEET  (Lift and revitalize the eye area)

UPPER CHEEK  (Boost skin vitality and glow)

CHEEKBONES  (Contour muscles and improve skin integrity)

UPPER LIP EXPRESSION LINES  (Relax, plump and rejuvenate)

CHIN AND LOWER LIP  (Lift sagging skin, tighten and strengthen chin and lower lip area)

LIPS PLUMPNESS  (Increase collagen production)

JAW AREA  (Defy gravity and redefine the jawline)